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Cooling Station
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once read about this enterprising family who lived somewhere where the summers were really hot and humid. They noticed that the local kids liked to hang out about 50 yards from their house in an empty plot of land where there were lots of shady trees. They came up with this ingenious idea of building a makeshift swimming pool, set up some tables and chairs, laid out a couple of lazy chairs and put up some mister fans (fans that blow fine water vapor). They then charged people a fee for using their facilities and served cold drinks, ice-cream and iced-smoothies. People could laze around under the shady trees in the swim suits, take a cool dip and enjoy a couple of nice cool drinks. The family made quite a nice sum of money every summer.

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If you live near such and area or you have a large yard with lots of trees, you could set up something similar. A bit of investment may be required for the swimming pool, fans and tables and chairs. What you decide to serve is up to you but obviously you want cold beverages to cool your hot customers. Depending on your local zoning and business laws and considering the safety aspects of this business you might need to limit your pool to just a kiddie wading pool. The rest is basically about making you customers happy. Nice way to make some cool cash.

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