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ouldn't it be great if you could make money appear magically? Or how about making your boss disappear? Magicians have long entertained young and old alike and they are always a crowd puller in any event. Kids can sit for hours, amazed at the sleights of hand and visual feats. Magicians like David Copperfield have taken their magic and transformed it into an artform. But what about the other not so fortunate magicians?

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To be a magician, you need to have been practising for a while. Nobody likes a magician who fumbles and gives away his secrets. So what if you don't have the super skills of world famous magicians? You can build on a basic repertoire of tricks and put yourself up for hire for birthday parties and childrens' events. Obviously the better you are, the bigger your audience and the fatter your paycheck. If you're starting out, you could work at smaller birthday parties and gatherings, charging a lower rate than your competitors. Then, you work your way up as you perfect your skills and showmanship. You could work out a routine where you actually incorporate your clients logo and products into your act. That way, it becomes an effective form of marketing. Imagine pulling out "X" brand of chocolate bars from thin air or "Y" company's logo emblazoned on all the hankerchiefs you pull out of your audiences ears! Good advertising gimmick yes? Okay, so you're not making money appear magically, but if you're good enough, money WILL seems like it's appearing magically in your bank account! Good money maker, yes?

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