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Mobile Car Wash
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very car owner knows that feeling - you've worked all week long, you're too lazy to wash your car and you don't fancy driving down to the car wash. But your beautiful shiny car is slowly turning brown and spotty, covered in dust and mud splatter and maybe a couple drops of bird poo! So when you can't go to the car wash, maybe the car wash can come to you! Enter you - Mobile Car Wash(er)!

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You'll need a bucket or two, sponges, car shampoo, rags, vacuum cleaner, maybe a jet-spray if it's within your budget, and a love for working outdoors! You'll need to advertise your service with flyers and posters, maybe at your local marketplace or car accessories store. Being able to visit your client's during odd hours is a must, because you've got to work to your customer's schedule and that may mean early in the morning, late at night or weekends. Like any other regular car wash, you might want to have different charges for cleaning the interior, exterior and engine. Pricing will play a big part in your success, but most important will be how well you do your job. Customers will gladly pay a little extra for the personal visit plus they get to supervise you while you work from the comfort of their own home! So... have sponge, will travel... anybody?

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