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Children Entertainer
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ids love to have fun, to be entertained with jokes and tricks and slapstick comedy. What would a party or event be without the noisy fun created by clowns, magicians and entertainers? They're easily the highlight of any gathering and they keep the kids occupied while the adults go about doing their "adult" stuff. But as any Children Entertainer will tell you, to succeed in this field isn't all fun - it takes serious work!

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To entertain children, you need to think like a child. You've got to have that childlike instinct to know what works and what won't. Too many "serious" adults attempt to keep children amused and end up getting blank stares! So, if you've got a natural liking for kids and you seem to be able to "click" with them, why not become a Children Entertainer. What do you do as a Children Entertainer? Well - anything and everything! You build a repertoire of silly songs, magic tricks, jokes, slapstick and you're on your way! Clown suits and colorful makeup help a lot, but you might want to consider developing a personal "character" that the general public will come to recognize. You could then build on branding and marketing strategies around that character. The scope of this field is unlimited actually - that's why I haven't really put any hard and fast rules or suggestions - but as long as you can entertain kids, you'll be making money!

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