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Moving Service
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eave the cross-country home-moving to the big-boys - the large companies who have huge trucks and specialize in helping people move between states or countries. People who need to move only across town or just down the street don't really need professinal movers, they just need a couple of extra hands to move their stuff from one place to another.

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If you've got a van or pickup, and a strong back, you could start your own moving service. You'll basically handle the large and heavy stuff that needs to be moved into your customers new home or office. Of course since there will be sofas, beds and cupboards to be moved, you'll need someone equally strong to help you. To start off, you could leave your calling card with real-estate agents or place posters and flyers in their office (if they will allow that). You'll have the advantage over professional movers because of your lower price and flexible working hours - plus, since you are working for yourself, you'll always make sure your service is first-class. Take note that you might want to carry insurance in case stuff accidentally gets damaged while you're moving. This is a great way to make a couple extra bucks with your pick-up or truck during your off hours from your job. You never know, if business keeps coming your way, you might just be one of the big boys yourself!

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