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Singing Telegram
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e love it when people remember our special days like birthdays and anniversaries. We like it even more if we receive gifts and there's nothing quite like getting a gift that's unique and different. Singing Telegrams started decades ago but they are still a favourite way to send greetings to that someone special. For those who are not familiar with the concept, Singing Telegrams are delivered by people who actually sing out the greeting - Happy Birthday for instance - or recite a poem to the recepient.

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You don't really need any experience to start this service, but some background in singing and dancing obviously helps. I say you don't really need experience because you can pick up these skills easily, but what you ABSOLUTELY MUST have is guts. Not everyone can walk into a crowded office or shop and sing and dance to the recepient of the telegram! If you don't have any competitors where you operate, then you can get by with just a simple song routine, and end with a heartfelt greeting or maybe present a gift to the recepient. BUT if you've got competitors, then you HAVE to be different. This calls for costumes, more elaborate song arrangements and maybe music accompaniment or even magic and acrobatics! The key here is to be different. It all depends on what your customer wants and how much they're willing to spend. You could offer the basic song right up to a four piece band... just show the cash and you'll do the rest!

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