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verything's going online these days. You have websites about anything and everything you can think of. Some of the most frequented sites are those that offer daily news items or content that's new every other day or week. These websites are called 'sticky' because visitors keep coming back to visit (as if they're stuck) because of the fresh content. One possible way of producing your own sticky website is to create an online comics strip. This is still in its infancy and there is so much potential for exploiting the power of the internet to market your Online Comic Strip.

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You first need to be fairly good at cartooning. If you're not, you might want to take a peek at the many courses and books that offer such training. Realistically thought, many syndicated cartoonists these days have a drawing style that's close to a six-year-old's so you don't want to let your seeming lack of drawing skills discourage you too much. What you really need is CONTENT - fresh stuff to draw everyday or week. Developing your characters is a continuous process that takes place everyday so you don't really need to worry about that too soon. That's how most cartoonists develop their characters (not to mention we humans). The biggest task would be to market your Online Comic strip. After people first see your Online Comic strip, they then need a good reason to come back to see what's new. If you do manage to get a fairly large following, then you can start to think of other ways to earn money with your Online Comic strip. Renting advertisement space in your popular website is the most obvious, but there are many other money-making ideas you can develop when you've got a popular Online Comic strips up and running.

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