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Collectible Comics
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ho hasn't read a comic book as a kid? Many people will tell you they still keep some of their favorite comic books from when they were kids. Many comic books that were limited editions and hard to find have become collectibles, much like antique cars and wine. Trading in these types of comic books can be a lucrative business if you know what's in demand and you where to get them. There's a growing number of collectors who delight in collecting these comics books for their personal pleasure.

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As a Collectible Comics trader, you will be an expert in comic books. You will know which issues of "Superman" or "Spiderman" were of particular significance, and why. You will know the facts and figures related to comics. Although you could 'bluff' you way through it, most get into this business as a logical extension of their passion for comics as a kid. Most Collectible Comics traders would likely have had their own personal treasure of comic books and as they traded and sold these with their friends, they realized the potential for making money. The knowledge gained would have come over a period of years and not weeks or months. If you're someone who's passionately into comics and you've got a ton of them under your bed, why not dust them off and see if you've got a few "gems" you could sell and start off your own Collectible Comics trading business.

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