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Gift Baskets
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ift baskets make a nice gift for any occasion. Many people and companies give gift baskets to their customers as a token of appreciation. It's a great way to make customers and friends feel appreciated, plus they taste great! There are also companies that specialize in corporate gift baskets. These are gift baskets that comprise products that are personally selected for the intended recepient. As such, each basket is different in is content as well as packaging.

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It doesn't take much investment to start a gift basket service. You basically need a couple of photos of your sample gift baskets including a listing of their contents. These generic gift baskets will be for your normal clients who may order anywhere from ten to a hundred gift baskets for their clients. As you grow in this business, you will probably have a wide network of suppliers, and be in a perfect position to get quality products while still keeping your costs low. If you have a flair for shopping for fine products, you could offer an additional service to corporate clients who need gift baskets for "special" customers. Based on your clients knowledge of their customers' likes and dislikes, you could then obtain products according to their specifications. Even your basket designs can be customized to resemble your clients' corporate look (adding value to your service) so that the overall gift basket has a personalized look. If you're any good at this, holiday seasons will see you up to your eyeballs in gifts and gift wrapping!

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