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Freelance Mortgage Consultant
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uying a home is usually the biggest purchase people make in their lifetime. While finding a house can be difficult, finding the right mortgage can be equally difficult. Everyone has different mortage needs. This is especially so since they will need to have additional funds to renovate their homes, furnishing it and the costs involved in moving in. That's why many opt to have a flexible mortgage that allows them to manage their payments. Finding the right mortage is therefore crucial. Comparing the different types of mortgages available can be a daunting and confusing task! Enter you... Freelance Mortgage Consultant.

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As a freelance mortgage consultant, you will not be employed full-time by a bank, but rather, as a 'floater' who will recommend the mortgage that suits your clients needs the best. This may initially take some convincing on your part as you negotiate with the banks to take you on as a freelance mortgage consultant, but when you think about it, having a someone freelance with a lot of contacts is better than a full-timer with hardly any contacts! You will then need to familiarize yourself with all their procedures and forms. Then, armed with all this knowledge, you will be able to provide your clients with the best possible comparison of all the mortgages available. Your knowledge and expertise will be crucial in helping your clients decide which mortgage will best suit their needs. There are various options in how you make your money. You could go purely on the commision from the banks, or partly on commision and a service fee from your clients, as your help them manouvere the often tricky process of applying for a mortgage.

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