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Window Cleaner
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f you have a fear or heights (like me), one thing you will hate doing is washing the windows where you've got to use a ladder to reach! The ground floor windows are easy. It's the ones that are high up that leave some people dizzy. What about shoplots that are three to four storeys high? These buildings are slightly too small to require cranes to hoist cleaners up to wash the windows, so they generally have to rely on the good ol' fashioned method of ladder and bucket!

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If you're not afraid of heights, pretty fit, love working outdoors and don't mind getting dirty, window washing might just be your money maker. You don't need any training or specialized skills for this. All you need to know is how to clean windows quickly and properly. Of course, knowing what cleaners and chemicals to use is a plus because you will encounter some stubborn stains on windows that have not been cleaned for years. This is a two-man job at the very least because you will need help getting the ladder up to those high places and making sure someone steadies it while the other is up there doing the cleaning. If you can secure a contract with the management of business shoplots, you might just be in business all year long.

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