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Apartment Locator
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verybody moves around, whether it's moving into an apartment near their workplace or college. Living near where you work of study makes perfect sense when you think of all the time and money you can save - no early morning wake up calls, no two-hour long commutes. Finding the right apartment can be a difficult task though, because the good ones can go very fast. If you have extra cash to spare, you can always rely on the services of a real estate agent or agency to find you the right place, but to save on costs, you might want to try people who freelance as apartment locators. These are regular folk who just happen to have a wide network of landlords or apartment owners who need to rent their apartments.

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If you live near a college or in a busy town, there will always be a need for locating apartments. You will basically have a list of apartments that are vacant, and their owners names and contact. You can always browse the classifieds and contacts the owners of apartments and offer to find tenants for them, for a fee of course. You can then leave posters of flyers on notice boards at colleges or grocery stores. Since you will basically be operating as a freelancer from your own home, you can charge very much lower than regular real estate agencies. This will be your most valuable advantage. You will also need to have a flexible schedule to take your clients to the apartment or to meet the owner. Your job is to connect the buyer and seller (so to speak), and you will charge a fee to both the owner and tenant. You never know... if you get really good at it, you could expand to include houses and buildings. Then, you'd really be on your way to making money!

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