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Furry Pets
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ids love having pets. Problem is, when they ask their Mom or Dad for one, they usually say "Another time" or "Oh dear... the pet store's just to far away". Well, many enterprising folk have realized this problem and thought, "If the family can't come to the pets, why not bring the pets to the families"? And so, they set up shop in local malls and marketplaces, selling furry pets like rabbits and hamsters. Looking at how cute and adorable they are, it's hard for parents to resist buying one. When you think about it, it's really not about selling pets, but about marketing. These folk package their pets with "free" cages, food and accessories, but in actual fact, it's all been worked into the cost.

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I've personally bred hamsters. Not for sale though. I just bought a couple and in a few months, I had dozens! They don't add - they MULTIPLY! So if you're into pets and you want to make good money, get yourself a pair of hamsters or rabbits, and let nature take its course. You might need to get certain licenses to start selling your furry pets at malls, so check with your local municipalities, business and health authorities. A couple I know actually sell about ten rabbits a day at 20 dollars a package! Remember that it's not just about selling furry pets... it's as much about packaging. Make your package attractive and they will sell like hot cakes.

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