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Pet Food Breeder
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ice, grasshoppers, crickets and worms for lunch anyone? No, not for us humans - although people in Thailand say crickets are really delicious - but for pets. Many people keeps snakes and fish and other exotic creatures as pets. These are generally carnivorous, feeding on small animals or insects. In order to keep them well fed, their owners basically have two options - catch their own or buy them from the pet store - and most will settle for the latter.

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If you're not averse to creepy crawlies and you have lots of space to breed mice, grasshoppers and the like, why not breed them as pet food? You don't need any experience to start this business. If you need a quick lesson on breeding them, you only need to visit your library. Then you need to get your start-up stock and basically let nature take its course. Remember, you're not aiming for quality here but QUANTITY. You might want to check with your local governing bodies for any regulations pertaining to breeding such creatures for pet food. You will probably need to get some sort of license before you start. If you breed enough pet food, you can even supply to your local pet store. That'll bring in extra cash for sure.

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