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Voicemail Greetings
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here used to be a time when people were just amazed that they could call someone up and leave a message in their voicemail. But humans naturally built on that and before you knew it, they weren't just satisfied with a plain old voicemail greeting. They want music, effects and messages that are creative and different. This is a business that has lots of potential.

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If you're a creative person with equally great skills at editing sound and music, then you could create custom voicemail greetings for people. People who come to you will basically be looking for a greeting that's unique. You'll want your finised work to be different and fun. You could also create professional greetings for corporate clients who need greetings for their telephone systems. This is something you can easily run from your home. You basically need soundtracks or standard background music/effects over which you will lay the voice track of your client. Then, you can run a few samples for your clients. When they settle on what they want, you'll basically generate the audio file for them to record into their voicemail. With the right technology and know how, you might even be able to run this service over the Internet. Imagine that...

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