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Vending Machines
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ending machines are great. They're always there when you need a cool drink or candy bar. But recent innovations have made it possible to dispense just about any item (within size restrictions) from vending machines. There are also vending machines that dispense personal items like sanitary napkins, stationary and bubble gum cards. It's a great way to make money. It's like having a store without the need for you to be there.

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This business will require some investment because you need to purchase the vending machines. Your first task would be to research where there's a need for specific items. Food and drinks are always a favorite. You might want to consider fresh fruits as your products. They would make great items for office blocks for people who need a quick healthy snack. Another favorite is machines that dispense personal hygiene products like sanitary napkins and disposable underwear which can be placed in washrooms. If you opt for food items, you'll want to make sure someone is able to visit the machine daily to replenish and remove all perishable foodstuff that has passed it's expiry date. You probably won't make lots of money with just one machine although the very basic business principle also applies to you - location, location, location. If you've got a great product that you can brand as your own, you just might make a nice sum of money!

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