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Paid Online Surveys
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orporations spend billions each year to fine-tune their products and their marketing plans. Knowing what customers want gives companies the edge over their competitors. That's why, they take great pains to conduct online surveys, gathering information from people in either a specific locality or all over the world. Companies give away incentive to get people to participate in their online surveys. These incentives range from free products to prizes and cold hard cash!

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There are many websites that offer paying members access to their database of companies that conduct online surveys. Many people have reportedly made a decent living just by participating in these online surveys, collecting cash and other incentives. It takes disciplined and persistent effort to make it to such a level though, but if you do make it, it's really worth the effort. All you need is an internet connection and you're ready to make money. A word of caution to my non-US, UK, Australia and Europe readers though - many of these surveys are targeted at residents of western countries, so even if you do sign up with paid online survey websites, you may not get sufficient surveys to make a decent amount of money. Otherwise, it's a great way to make money just by sitting at your computer!

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