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Personalized Story Books
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ids love colorful story books. They love to imagine that they're actually in the story, experiencing all that's happening in the book. Reading story books are a great way to develop children's creative thinking skills, plus it's a great way to spend quality time with them. There's a new kind of story book that's gaining popularity these days. They use computer programs to input any given name and the story will be personalized with the child's name. These books make great gifts for kids.

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To go into this money maker, you'll need to invest in the hardware and software that will allow you to personalize the stories with your customers' names. If you're a whiz at Macromedia Director and Flash or any equivalent software, then you might want to develop your own program. This might take some time, but the advantage is that you can control every aspect of the program and how it generates the stories. You could even allow customers to personalize their story books with their pictures! It's all about letting your creative juices flow. Make sure you've got the copyright issues sorted out if you're using stories and creative works by others, so you don't get into trouble later. It's best if you can create your own stories. Setting up shop in a high people-traffic area is crucial, so a shopping mall would likely be the best place. An alternative method would be to provide your service online, making the world your marketplace!

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