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Magazine Back Issues
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agazines are a great source of information. With so many magazines catering to practically any topic, it's easy to understand why people rely on them to learn what's new and happening. While many enthusiasts will probably subscribe to their favorite magazines, there will be others who prefer to get each new issue at the stores. The problem with this is that they sometimes miss a couple of issues. There are also times, when we need information from back issues but we can't find them. Enter you, the Magazine Back Issues trader or locater.

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You will be someone who loves magazines. You love keeping tabs of the many types of magazines in the market - what's hot and what's not. You will specifically keep a stockpile of past issues of magazines. To get your stock, you could either subscribe to them and keep every issue, or you could contact the publishers to buy unsold issues at a discounted price. Having a stockpile of back issues isn't going to make you money unless people know where to find you! There are a couple of ways to do it. You could set up a website or place advertisements in magazines or the papers. You might find though, that the best way to keep a steady flow of income is to open a stall. Rental on a temporary basis may be an economical solution, allowing you to move from mall to mall, for wider exposure and fresh clientele. If a customer requests for a specific issue which you don't have, you'll need to know where you can get a copy. If there are too many magazines to keep stock, you might want to consider specializing. Automotive magazines would be a good example. People are often looking for back issues of good automotive magazines for the vehicle reviews and the technical sections.

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