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Home-made Holiday Treats
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or three months before Chinese New Year every year, there's a family that gets to work in their rented shoplot making Pineapple Tarts. Their Pineapple Tarts are so famous that they sell thousands of bottles, each fetching a premium price. They make enough profit to comfortably supplement their regular incomes for the other nine months of the year! There are other families that sell dried meat and mooncakes - traditional delicacies during Chinese New Year and the Mid Autumn Festival. It's the same with them. They make more than enough in those few weeks before the holiday or festival to allow them all the nice extras like holidays.

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It doesn't matter what your specialty is... if you've got a recipe for Christmas Puddings or Thanksgiving Turkeys or Chocolate Easter Eggs that makes people just drool, then you've got a winner! No need to rush into things. You can start small the first time round by making your treats for friends and family. The next time round, you might want to ask them if they know of anyone who'd like to order your treats. Take it from there. Before you know it, you'll have a full fledged Home-made Holiday Treats business. Make sure your packaging is presentable and that your contact details are displayed clearly. You never know when someone will call you for an order of a hundred of your Chistmas Puddings!

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