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Home-made Holiday Dinner
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verybody loves holiday dinners. NOT everybody can cook holiday dinners! Often, great intentions become burnt turkeys, hard bread and lumpy gravy and then the alarm bells ring - RUSH to the supermarket or store for take-away dinners! Not so bad if it's just the family that's coming for dinner, but what if you have guests? Wouldn't it be easier if you just had what I call 'automatic dinners'? That's when someone else cooks and all I do is eat!

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If you've got lots of time on your hands, no where to go and you're a good cook, why not help to make someone else's dinner a memorable and tasty one? You'll want to let your neighbours or friends know that you can cook a full family dinner and all they have to do is come pick it up an hour before serving time. Depending on their needs, you could also rent them the necessary serving dishes and cutlery - at a fee of course or you could include it into the overall costing. When they're done with dinner, you could pick up the dishes the following day, but make sure you keep count of each item lest you start losing them slowly over the course of time. Another reminder - you might want to consider having your customers place a deposit when they make their order. This is to cover your raw products costs. This gives you a chance to actually meet your customer in case they turn out to be a no-show, leaving you with dinner for ten and no one to eat it! Also, ask that the remainder of your fee be paid upon delivery of the food. Your product isn't something that can be returned the following day if you get what I mean. If you can get this business off the ground, you'll never be idle during the holidays and you can always count on extra money for those nice little Christmas goodies you've always wanted.

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