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Specialty Baker
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ost parents are happy to celebrate their kids birthdays with a cake and presents. Getting a cake is not that big of a hassle. Cakes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, topped with an unlimited variety of pictures... but wait... what if little Susie insists on a cake that's shaped like Cinderella's castle or if Sam absolutely must have a Ferrari shaped cake? Many bakers can bakes your regular cakes but few have the creative and artisitic abilities to produce works or art. These are the specialty bakers - bakers who don't bat an eye even if you ask for your cake to be shaped like a satelite!

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Are you someone who loves to bake? Do you love baking so much that the regular type cakes have begun to bore you and you've started to experiment with the shapes of your cakes? If you are, then why not go all the way and become a Specialty Baker? You can make lots of money combining your artistic and baking skills! If your cakes are meant for kids, then they don't really have to be exact replicas of the real thing although you will need to have loads of creativity as you produce cakes of all manner of shapes and designs for your customers. Knowing what's popular with customers is a definite plus - that way, you can be ready with moulds of different shapes like race cars or rockets or even Barbie doll. Your business will grow with your reputation. If you've got a reputation for creating really unique cakes, then orders will keep coming in.

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