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Christmas Tree Service
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hen Christmas is a-comin, what goes up? Christmas trees and decorations of course! Just like when I was a kid, my kids now eagerly await every Christmas. The customary fussing and fighting over who gets to put which ornament on the tree is something I actually look forward to as the final switch goes on and we sit around the tree, admiring it, lop-sided and all! However, not everyone loves putting up the Christmas tree. The may not have the time nor the patiece to do it, although they do it every year, because that's what's expected. Your Christmas Tree Service is just the thing these folks need!

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You basically provide your clients quick and customized Christmas Trees, set up in their homes! You will have a catalogue of Christmas Tree themes - anything and everything from Winter White to Mickey Mouse to Spiderman - whatever you think will sell. You may need to keep ornaments in stock so that you don't have to make a mad rush to get them! Obviously if a client requests for a personally customized tree, you will charge for your additional time and service. You'll need to advertise and market your service way in advance - months before Christmas. Extra hands will also be needed, unless you have your whole family pitching in to help. When a client makes an order, you will go to their home and set up their Christmas Tree for them. Even though they may want their tree set up quickly and efficiently, they will want a professional job done, so bear this in mind. You might want to leave a couple of extra ornaments for the family to hang up themselves. It makes them feel as if they had a part in putting up the tree! Nice way to make other peoples Christmas merry don't you think?

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