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Decorative Gift Boxes
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eople like getting gifts. Sometimes, looking at the packaging the gift came in is as exciting as the actual content itself. Sometimes, it's the box that's kept and treasured long after the gift has been used or forgotten! Look in your home and you'll find at least a few gift boxes that hold special memories of specific people or event.

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If you're artistic and you've got a flair for making stuff with your hands, this can be a nice little money maker for you. What you've got to do is basically make boxes of different shapes and sizes, decorated in different themes. Most of us have probably made a box or two in our lifetime, some a little classier than the rest. I'll bet you never thought of your boxes as a money maker, but they are. Build on your skills. Read books on crafting and design. Make your boxes unique and you're sure to have a hit on your hands. Unless you're thinking of making a big splash and going into this big time, you'll probably be safer setting up shop at your local marketplace. You could supply your gift boxes to craft or gift stores. To make yourself even more competitive, you might want to take orders for custome-made boxes, designed and crafted to your customers' specifications. This is probably a good idea for corporate gifts. Good way to keep your bank account filled with extra cash.

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