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Santa Claus
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hat would Christmas be without Santa's jolly Ho! Ho! Ho!? He brings cheer to folk all over the world. Santa's everywhere during the holidays because people never tire of meeting and shaking hands with Santa. He's also a really hot money maker - there's no copyright or royalty issues - so people cash in on his popularity during Christmas with everything from toys to real-life Santa shows.

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For this idea, we're talking about being Santa! If you're a really jolly guy and you get along very well with people - especially kids - you might want to get your slice of the Santa cash business. I know a couple of people who have been so good at being Santa that they have regular stints doing shows and appearances at our local mall. To be a Santa that people want to see over and over again is not as simple as you think though. You could be a Santa who just does the basic walk-around, handing goodies to passers-by, but if you really want to make a lasting impression, then it's all about PR and entertainment. Knowing how to entertain people with songs and knowing how to make people laugh is definitely a plus. People want a Santa who's jolly and friendly. If that's you, then head on down to your local mall or talent agency and market yourself! Remember, it doesn't have to be a one-man show. If you're reputation has grown, you might even want to think of training other Santas - Santarinas too - to help you make money this Christmas!

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