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Mini Christmas Trees
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love Christmas trees. As a kid, I used to lie down beside our Christmas tree with my family and just enjoy looking at the lights and ornaments - the presents too of course. Now my kids love to do the same. Not everyone has the space or budget for a Christmas tree in their home or office though. So what can you do about this? Why space-saving Mini Christmas trees of course!

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Mini Christmas trees are great because they can be set up anywhere you want including your desk. They can range anywhere from six to eighteen inches high. They're really fun and brighten up your work place. The make a great conversation piece too. If you're planning on using natural material, then you've got to source for discarded bits of trees that can be turned into your Mini Christmas trees. If that's not possible, then making your own trees out of plastic or recycled material is also an option. You've got to dress up the tree with mini ornaments and trimmings. The good thing about Mini Christmas trees is that you don't need to use loads of decoration and lights and they're non-perishable, so you can keep unsold stock for next year. It's also a great way for businesses to market their brand. You could contact companies who might want to give their clients a unique gift for Christmas - and what's more unique than a mini Christmas tree? If their products are small, you could even use them as the ornaments on their tree! Keep in mind you want your trees to look nice so don't go overboard. This is a great money maker for the creatively inclined!

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