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Party Decorator
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eople love parties, especially kids. Nothing better than going to a party for fun, food and friends and what better way to set the mood than to have the place decorated with streamers, balloons and bright lights? But why would people want to have you decorate their place for a party when they can do it themselves? Yes, people can do it themselves, but think about it for a moment - the people who are going to hire you to decorate for their party are either going to be very busy people or very RICH people!

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Yes, your market will be those who can afford the additional expense of hiring you to be their party decorator. What do you offer in return? Impecable taste, quality workmanship and superb service, that's what. You will need to be a people person - one who's patient, possesses great communication skills and gets on well will all sorts of people. Unless your client already has a theme in mind, your first task would be to help them decide what theme would be suitable for their party, then you will go about the actual work of planning and decorating. You will most likely be handling the cleanup as well so here's a tip - unless your client specifically requests to keep the decorations, you can store them for your next project. This lowers your cost and adds to your profit the next time round. Great way to make money while helping people party!

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