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ids love comics. Grown ups too. In some countries, the price of comics has risen tremendously from the early days when they used to cost a few cents. Comics are just not a priority in the budgets of families and children who want to read them either have to borrow used ones or save their money. Problem is, there are just too many great comic books and not enough money to buy them all!

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If you're a comics fan and you've got a large supply of comics that are collecting dust, you could start a comics library. You will basically set up a simple kiosk, a coupe of stools and place your comics on display. Your customers will pay you an hourly fee and read their selection of comics books. You could allow customers to take home the comics to read, but if you do, make sure they place a refundable deposit with you to cover non-return or damage of the comics. Of course you'll want to keep your customers coming back for more, so you'll need to subscribe to current comics and maybe buy back-issues whenever you can. That way, you'll be building a pretty impressive library of comics. Operating in a mall may cost a bit more, but you'd have more people-traffic. It's a great way for parents to keep their kids occupied for an hour or so, while they quickly do all that they need to do.

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