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Logo/Letterhead Design
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housands of companies and organizations are set up everyday... and what do they all need? A logo of course! The right logo can do wonders for branding a company or organization, not to mention products. I'm sure you've looked for a particular product where you couldn't remember the name but you definitely remember the logo. That's how important a logo is.

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Many graphic designers specialize in logo design and charge very high fees for their expertise. If you're just starting out or you don't have a strong portfolio, your target market will be the many smaller clients who don't have big budgets. These customers will generally have lower expectations and don't mind a simple logo as long as your design concept is clear and makes sense to them. This is something you could easily do at home. You could browse the Internet and bid for projects on freelance websites. The standard expected of many of these projects are high at times, but if you're living in say Malaysia for instance, you could leverage on the currency exchange to your benefit - an example would be if everyone is charging USD100, you could easily charge USD50. After the currency conversion, you still end up with approximately RM200 while your client saves money as well!

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