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Human Billboard
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hey're everywhere! Beside highways, on TV, on the radio, even in the toilet and on the sides of skyscrapers! Advertisements are part and parcel of our everyday lives. As companies struggle to get their message in front of our eyeballs, they will try anything and everything! One method of advertising which is still popular and unique is the Human Billboard - humans wearing advertisement placards on the front and back of their bodies.

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If you operate on your own, then your would basically approach businesses or malls to wear their advertisements and walk around the area. You will obviously be required to give out flyers or freebies and answer simple queries from curious passers-by, so being a people-type person helps. Thinking on a bigger scale though, you could set up a service where you employ groups of part-timers to be your human billboards. Of course the advantage of this is that you get to cover a larger area and if giving out samples is the objective, then you can get the job done faster. Being creative is an obvious advantage. Businesses will want their advertisements to attract attention, so you could jazz up the ads themselves or dress your human billboards in colorful costumes. I've actually seen human billboards who wore only skin-tight shorts and had the advertisements painted on their bodies - which was quite an eye-catcher really. Of course, you'll need to get clearance from your local authorities if you do such a thing. Some countries have very tight 'moral' regulations. Bet you didn't think of this as a money maker right?

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