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House Watcher
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ith the rising number of break-ins and robberies these days, one can never be too careful with their property. This is especially so for those in crime-prone areas or those who have nice houses with expensive shiny cars parked in the driveway. Nothing wrong with having nice things. It's just that burglars also like nice homes with shiny new cars! So what do people do when they need to leave their homes for an extended period? They could inform the police who will then include these homes in their beat routes but even the burglars know the police can be there all the time. Enter you - House Watcher for hire!

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You will act as a stand-in for your client, making regular (and irregular) visits to the house. You will collect the mail from your client's mailbox and the papers from their driveway. Depending on the services you wish to offer, you may even water their lawn or take care of their garden for them. That way, would-be burglars will be wary of your presence. When you make your visits to the house, you will take note of any signs of attempted break-ins like jimmied doors and windows or any unusual noises from the home. Of course this is a business where your reputation is of utmost importance and your service area would ideally be your neighbourhood, to allow you to make frequent visits to your client's home. Satistfied clients will likely give you repeat business anytime they need to be away from their homes. It's an especially nice way to make extra money for fit, retired folk.

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