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Vacation House Sitter
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his money maker takes House Watching (idea ID : 287) one step further. Many people own vacation homes that they use during the summers or just a few months each year. The rest of the time, the home is left vacant. This exposes the home to many security problems. The ideal solution would be for someone to keep an eye on the place, and still not be as costly as maintaining a full-time staff or maid to maintain the home. That's where you come in.

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As a Vacation House Sitter, you will basically stay in the Vacation House as if you were the owner. You will undertake any minor repairs that may be needed or make arrangements for repairmen to carry out the repairs. It's up to you to work out the billing arrangements for such repairs with your client. You will re-direct any mail to your client. The scope of your responsibilities will basically be between you and your client. This is a win-win situation because for the large part of the year, you get to stay in (probably) a luxurious Vacation House while your client can rest assured that there's someone looking after his place. Obviously for security reasons, you must have impeccable references and definitely NO criminal record. In this service, reputation is what makes the difference between having lots of house-sitting jobs or none. It's an especially nice way for singles to make extra money.

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