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Aerial/Antennae Installation
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absolutely hate heights. I shiver each time I have to climb up the ladder to fix something on the ceiling or roof. Storms are something that I dislike because it means the wind will probably blow my TV aerial off it's proper direction and I end up with a fuzzy screen. TV aerials and antennaes usually need maintenance every so often and unless I'm short of cash, I prefer to pay someone else (who isn't afraid of heights) do the job for me.

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This service doesn't require much investment. You basically need to know how to install TV aerials and any other types of antennae. If you intend to handle more complex types of aerials, then you will need to get the proper training first. Otherwise, all you need is a ladder and NO fear of heights! Your aerials can be purchased from the local DIY shops, but if you can get the store to give you dealer rates, you will make more money. You then charge your customers a marked up price and your service fee. Make sure you leave your calling card with them in case they need to call you in the future. Nice weekend or part-time money maker. Placing your calling card in new housing areas is a good way to get people to call you. Everyone will need to install their TV aerials when then move into their new homes. That's money "transmitting" into your bank account!

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