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Ink Cartridge Refilling
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ou're at home working at your computer. You need to print a document urgently and what happens? Your printer runs out of ink! It happens to everyone some time or other. When that happens you basically have only two options - buy new ink cartridges or if you're on a tight budget, get ink refills and try re-fill your ink cartridges. The first option is obviously more expensive but it's quicker and cleaner. The second option - well... those of you who have tried to re-fill your own ink cartridges know that it can be cheaper AND very messy if you don't know what you're doing!

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Re-filling ink cartridges is a quick and easy money maker you can run from home. It helps if you live in a busy area with lot of offices. What you need is the basic equipment to re-fill ink cartridges - syringes, ink-refills and standby cartridges. Your customers could bring in their ink cartridges and wait while you have them filled or if you already have re-filled cartridges ready, just exchange them with your customers for a fee. If you can let the offices near you know that you are providing this service, they will be flocking to you every time they need to re-fill their ink cartridges. Alternatively, with a little bit of investment, you could set up a small kiosk in your local mall where customers can easily walk in, deposit their ink cartridges and have them re-filled. Once you get the hang of it, it's not that messy a way to make money!

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