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Mobile Snack Bar
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obile Snack Bars are very popular in Asian countries. Mobile Snack Bars offer any and every type of food you can imagine - from sliced fruit, drinks, hotdogs and burgers to fried chicken! It's a great way to make money plus it's super convenient for busy (or read that lazy) folk like me who don't fancy driving to the stores for a snack. I much prefer that the snacks come to me! No wonder even the big boys like McDonalds and Pizza Hut have delivery service.

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You first step would be to decide what kind of snack you want to sell. Then you have to figure out a way to make it mobile - kiosk, tricycle, motorbike, van or car. Some food products can be pre-prepared, others like hot dogs and burgers are best cooked on site. A fantastic money maker that never fails is the mobile lunch bar. You basically prepare pre-cook lunch items like veggies, salads and meats and serve them at busy areas like offices, factories and construction sites. It's especially convenient for customers who work in places that are far away from food shops, so you'll always find a steady demand for your food. One drawback to this kind of business is the weather - rainy seasons can really be bad for business. If you operate in a popular tourist spot, then you've got it made! It may be hard work, but this is one fantastic money maker.

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