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Second Hand Items
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eople throw away lots of stuff everyday, from clothes to furniture to electrical appliances. Many times, when stuff gets broken, then just prefer to buy a new item instead of going through the trouble of repairing them. Much of this stuff is often still in good condition and may just need minor repairs. There is a ready market for used items that are obviously cheaper.

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The skills required depend on what kind of items you intend to resell. If you're going to re-sell used electrical appliances, then you will ideally be able to carry out minor electrical repairs. Other kinds of items like furniture and clothes will require you to know the market and re-sale value of these items. You then need to decide how best to get your used items. One way would be to provide a waste disposal service, where you help people discard their unwanted items. Before you actually discard these items, you will filter out the re-usable items and have them repaired or re-conditioned for re-sale. Another way would be to actually set up a second-hand shop where people can drop by and sell you their broken or used stuff. You then pay them a lower price for their stuff. After you've repaired or re-conditioned them you'll add your own mark-up and re-sell them. This is a great money maker for the DIY type person.

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