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Car Inspection Service
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here's nothing like buying your very first car! It's an exciting event - if you get the right car. If you end up with a car that's run-down, then you're in for a real nightmare. The costs involved in making the car road-worthy can be more than the initial price of the car itself! How do you know if a car's a good buy or a lemon in disguise? Unless the seller is someone you know and trust, you can't take their word for it. You need to get an expert opinion. That's where your expertise comes in as a Car Inspection Expert.

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If you're really into cars and you can diagnose a car's problems just by looking or listening to it, then you've got a great way to make money. Your clients will arrange to bring you along with them when they take their prospective car out for a test drive. Your job will be to inspect what's under the hood, and go along for the ride, noting any peculiarities that your client needs to be aware of. Objectivity is a must. It's not your job to tell your client to buy or not to buy (unless your client specifically asks). You are there to report your findings about the overall condition of the car and a list of what repairs the car may need. Then based on your findings, your client will make the decision to buy or not to buy. The more happy car buyers are with their decision, the more your reputation grows. It's a nice, easy way to make some extra money while indulging in your passion for cars!

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