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Used Correspondence Courses
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illions of people completed their education via home-learning services such as correspondence courses. Depending on the course, it can be a cheap yet convenient way of learning, especially for people who live far away from learning centers or are unable to travel to such centers for one reason or another. However, there are still folk who do not take up such courses because it is still beyond their means.

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You basically sell used Correspondence Courses to people who cannot afford new ones, or to people who want to pick up a skill but are unwilling to fork out the cash for a new course. They may be genuine learners or just curious folk in search of knowledge. Whatever the reason, you will need to build up a fairly large library of used correspondence courses or at least know where you can source for the necessary ones. Even though they are Used Correspondence Courses, you will need to make sure that they are in fairly good condition. You still want your customers to be satisfied with their purchases. Unless you have a fairly extensive market or you sell your courses online, you probably won't get fantastically rich doing this business, but you will be helping a market that will be in need of such services and that will in itself be your reward.

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