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Prosperity Plants
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ith the Chinese Lunar New Year just around the corner, Chinese folk all around the world are readying themselves for a new year of health, wealth and longevity. The Chinese are a superstitious lot. Most believe that performing certain acts or having specific items around the home during the new year will bring them luck in their family lives, their careers and their financial well-being! And so it is that when the new year dawns, they will fill their homes with Prosperity Plants - lime plants, young bamboo shoots, money plants and the like. Many of these ancient beliefs have been taught to new generations and even in today's world of savvy, educated executive, most Chinese will have a couple of Prosperity Plants in the homes - just in case...

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On any given day other than when it's near the Chinese New Year, you'll find that these plants can be found abundantly in the wild as well as in any plant nursery, but come Chinese New Year, their prices skyrocket as people clamour for the choisest, healthiest and "luckiest" plants. If you're someone who loves to potter around the garden or if you have a fairly large compound, you can get your cut of the market by raising Prosperity Plants. Of course, with the popularity of Feng Shui these days, Prosperity Plants need not be just a Chinese New Year necessity. There's this story that the so-called "lucky bamboo shoots" were a marketing gimmick thought up by an enterprising businessman. He didn't expect it to be such a phenomenon, but since it became such a hot item, he quickly cashed in on it and is still cashing in on their popularity. Similarly, with a bit of marketing savvy, you can create your own Prosperity Plant and cash in on the craze! Nice way to get people to add a little bit of green (and luck) into their lives, and when you've made yourself a bundle of cash, I bet you'll tell me there REALLY is such a thing as Prosperity Plants!

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