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Mobile Barber
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remember when I was a kid, going to the barber was never one of my favorite things. First, there was the waiting, then there was the big strange room filled with stangers and finally, there was the high chairs that I could never quite reach on my own. Then there are the elderly folk you may be confined to their homes due to one reason or another. For these folk, getting a haircut can be a troublesome affair.

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Children and the elderly would be the primary market for a Mobile Barber, but you could potentially have a full schedule if your service is good. You don't have to be a qualified hairstylist to start this business although it would certainly help. You basically need to know how to give a decent haircut. You could run this during your spare time, but it helps if you're flexible and can work to your customers' schedule. You will arrive at your customers' place at the appointed time, and give them their haircut. Professionalism and efficiency is still a must. So is being a people person. You will be a god-sent for the stay-at-home Mom who has six kids and her hands too full just keeping house! Imagine the time she can save if you go over and give six haircuts all in one go! Have scissors will travel, anyone?

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