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Nappy Service
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abies are eating, sleeping, pooping machines! Anyone who has children will atest to that fact. While disposable diapers are a real help, they're also costly and for babies with sensitive skin, they tend to cause nappy rash. Then there's the environment to consider. Babies go through tons of diapers in just a few months! That's a lot of garbage! Just talk with Mom and Grandma and they will tell you that the cheaper and healthier alternative is the old-fashioned cotton nappies. There's a problem though. Cleaning cloth nappies is definitely NOT a pleasant experience, and as parents who have tried them will tell you, babies can go through a ton of nappies in a day!

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This is a great business for retired Moms (and Dads) who absolutely love kids, including all the messy, icky stuff! You will basically provide a daily supply of nappies to your clients. When the nappies get soiled, Mom just throws them into a bucket and at the end of the day, you will collect all the soiled nappies. You then clean, sanitize and wash them. Don't kid yourself. There's a fair bit of work involved but for parents with babies who have sensitive skin, you will provide a much needed service. Marketing your service is a challenge because you'll be competing with the many advertisements that promote the quick and easy way of diapers! Your edge will be the fact that it's healthier for baby and better for the environment!

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