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Styrofoam Letters
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hen there's an event or a function, one thing you'll always see is the details of the event on the backdrop, such as the event itself, the date, venue and the guest of honor. Chances are, this is done with styrofoam letters. Styrofoam is cheap and easily cut into the desired letters using a low voltage hot wire cutter. Most hotels and functions rooms have pre-cut styrofoam letters which they recycle for their functions.

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It's easy to pick up the skills required to cut styrofoam letter and pictures. You'll find that many people require such services, especially for weddings and private functions. What you'll do is advertise your styrofoam lettering services. Your customers will give you the details of what's required. You could base your charges on the number of letters or the size of the artwork required. You will naturally have templates of different sizes ready for quick jobs, but if your client requires a customized font, then you will need to include the cost of making the templates into your bill. Depending on the complexity of the job, you might need to put up the letters or artwork for your clients, so remember to factor all of this into your costs. This is a nice business that you can run from the comfort of your home, although styrofoam cutting can be a bit messy. It's a good side money maker though.

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