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Gutter Cleaning
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ost home owners take great pains to keep their houses clean and free of clutter, but some jobs are messier than others. One such messy job is to cleaning the gutters of leaves, twigs and debris. Many times, this area only gets attention when there's a heavy downpour and the water can't flow because of the blocked gutters. Larger homes with many gutters will always be in need of your services.

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You basic tools will be a ladder, hose and perhaps a blower or pressureized water spray. You don't really need specialized skills, but being comfortable working in high places is a plus because some rain gutters along the roof can be pretty high. Your charges will be based on the size of the job. Distribute flyers around your neighbourhood, telling folk about your service, especially before the rainy season comes. Give them an early bird discount for the the first hundred customers to encourage them to call you. Remember that since you're working with heights sometimes, you'll need to make sure you or your staff are covered with accident insurance. Other than that, when you do a good job, you'll always get repeat business from satisfied customers. This is an especially nice money maker for retired gentlemen who are fit and love working outdoors or for college students on their term break!

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