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Backdrop Artist
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very event or concert needs a backdrop. It adds pizazz as well as tells passers by, what the event is all about. Backdrops can be designed in anyway, from cloth to styrofoam to wood. The compexity of the design depends very much on the size and budget of the event. People will pay good money for a creative backdrop design though, because it's the center piece of the stage and everyone will be looking at it!

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You have to be someone who's into BIG art to do this. You've got to be someone who's familiar with stage design and the do's and don'ts in backdrop design. You will need to know what media will best suit the occasion and the technical aspects like how your backdrop will be set up and how it will look under bright lights. Starting small in this business is a good idea. You might want to handle backdrops for small functions and work your way up to concerts and big stages. Your designs will be your best advertisement. Make sure your keep your designs as well as photographs of the actual backdrop in your portfolio. If you've got a reputation for creating super backdrops, event management companies and concert promoters will keep your number at the top of their contact list!

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