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Romantic Dinner Specialist
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eed to impress that special someone with a romantic candle-lit dinner? Want it to be something extra special to make her fall hopelessly in love with you? Need to re-kindle the fire or passion in your guy? But what if you want to have dinner at home and you can't even boil water let alone cook a romantic dinner? Or what if you want to do it some place special like the beach and there's nowhere to cook? Then you need someone to handle everything for you from the meal to the choice of flowers and music. Then you can concentrate on what's most important - your sweetheart!

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To provide this service, you first need to be a good cook, then a hopeless romantic! You'll be a specialist in knowing how to set the mood with your choice of food, drink, deco, locale and music. If needed, you'll know where to find that special violinist or guitarist to play live during the evening. You'll be a master at discretion, knowing when you're needed (to serve the food and desert) and when to get lost (you know what I mean). Your job is to set the mood for a special evening with your dinner - the rest, you let nature take its course. You've got to be really creative because not every client is going to be the same, so let your heart show you the way and with any luck, it'll also fill your pocket with lots of money!

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