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Antique Reconditioner
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t's cool to have your home or office decorated with a retro-look, with a couple of items that are from days gone by. Many people frequent garage and yard sales looking for items like antique fans, telephone, light fixtures, tea pots and a thousand and one odd and ends that can be cleaned up or repaired and used as decorative items in their homes or offices. These items also adorn many classy restaurants that want to give their place that cosy old-time feeling. If the items are still functional, all the better - they make really great conversation pieces.

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If you're into antiques (I use the term 'antique' very loosely here), and you have a knack for repairing and restoring such items to their original condition, you could be a prime candidate to make lots of money! Once you've reconditioned these antiques to working condition, you have a wide options of what to do with them. The logical one would of course be to market them as what they actually are - antiques - and if you're reconditioning work is impeccable, then you can charge a premium markup! People won't be paying for these items to function like modern appliances, they're paying for the look and feel. Even production houses that film movies and ads are always on the lookout for antique stuff. If you have enough of these items around, you could always rent them out for such purposes. Sourcing for such items isn't much of a problem... you just need to advertise that you're looking to buy old stuff, or you could just do it the old-fashioned way... visit garage sales. There's good money in old stuff.

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