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Mobile Fruit Bar
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usy people are always in a hurry and usually eat on the run. They know they've got to eat a balanced meal with lots of veggie and fruits but who has the time? They need a quick bite to fill their tummies and off they go. That's why hot dog and burger stands are a popular pit-stop for folk like these. It's quick, convenient and cheap. Now take that idea and change the product and what do you have? A mobile fruit bar - serving your busy customers cool, delicious fruit - a healthier alternative way to snack!

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You basically need a kiosk, and know where you can find cheap fresh fruit daily. You'll want to slice and package your fruit in convenient portions, ready for customers to grab. Keeping your products cool and fresh is critical in this business, so you'll need to have a ready supply of ice ready or you need to have a refrigerated display. The profit margin in this business is no joke. Take the fruit sellers in Malaysia for instance - the buy a whole papaya for about a dollar at the most, cut it into about twelve slices and sell each slice for 50 cents. Do the math - that's about five hundred percent profit - and they sell tons of fruit everyday. It's all a question of location, location, location!

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