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Management / ISO / Quality Consultant
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any organizations grow too big too fast before they realize that their processes and structure are not streamlined. A clumsily structured organization is slow to respond to market changes and this directly affects their bottom line. Frequently, a management consultant is needed to provide an independent, objective view of the organization's problems. Being an outsider, the management consultant is in a better position to present solutions to business issues. An internal staff, although given this task, would still be restricted by his relationships within the organization and his familiarity with the organization's 'culture'.

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Frequently, organizations need to be ISO certified as part of their compliance with government regulations. Many official bodies are restricted to dealing only with ISO certified companies. This can be a long tedious process and the management / ISO / quality consultant will need to be completely familiar with the local laws and regulations pertaining to this. Even after the company has achieved ISO status, frequent followups need to be conducted by the consultant to ensure that the organization remains compliant.

A management consultant can turn a badly performing, archaic company into a sophisticated, successful business operation. The management consultant needs to have an eye for detail, be innovative - an out-of-the-box thinker. He will need to have great people-handling skills because the very nature of his job involves change, and people are naturally resistant to change. The management / ISO / quality will involve extensive travel and continuing education, but the rewards are obvious - job satisfaction, recognition and MONEY!

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