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Custom Knitwear
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t's great to feel the cosy warmth of a sweater, scarf, gloves or socks. It's even better when these items look good! Who can forget the how wonderful they made the Huxtables look in the hit TV series The Cosby Show! Alas, more often than not, sweaters that look that good also come with a very "nice" (read that HIGH) price tag...

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If you're someone who simply loves knitting and you've got loads of time on your hands, you could make money with your knitting skills. You'll need to do some basic research about the types of colors or patterns that are popular before you begin knitting. Keep your eyes open! If you see a great looking sweater on TV, why not copy it! No, you won't be stealing... unless that design has been copyrighted or you blatantly copy the logo of the company. Custom knitwear make great gifts so you'll want to start marketing your skills to your family and friends. The next logical move would be to supply your custom knitwear to local stores. The possibilities are unlimited actually. You could rope in a couple of pals who are also skilled knitters and supply customized scarfs or hats to companies as Christmas gifts. The company logo would of course be incorporated into the design - a practical gift that's a super marketing tool as well...

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