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Apparel Alteration
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magine you were in college and you were planning for a big night out? You take out your best dress or pants and (shriek!) you discover a tear! Worse still, when you try the dress on, you discover (double shrieks!) you put on a couple more kilos than you thought... ! Well, you could buy a new dress but you're in college remember, and cash is better spent on food and rent, or you could borrow a dress but it probably wouldn't fit right anyway... so what to do? Look for someone who does apparel alterations of course.

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Whether it's adjusting a hemline or enlarging the waistline, everyone needs to have their clothes altered one time or another. This is a fantastic money maker for a stay-at-home mother who's really handy with a sewing machine. Living near a college or densely populated area is even better! Other than leaflets and posters, you could get in touch with the administration office of the college or university and let them know your alteration service is available. You could offer a discount to the students to encourage them to visit you whenever they need your service. Every little job means extra money and that's sure to come in handy on a rainy day. You could even offer to sew new clothes for those who can't afford store prices.

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